Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Hae, converse here. Just letting you know that life is confusing right now. I love life, but its confusing. I cannot help the fact that i cannot please everyone at once. My boyfriend, Cody has been hanging out and (showing off for) girls lately, according to my source, his big sister, Jordan. Jordan is goin out with my best friend Justin. I don't know if i have feelings for cody anymore. I like this guy named Quinn, a lot, but i kind of don't matter to him.. I also like this other guy named MJ.. its awesome. I love Cody the most, i just dunno if its fair that i like two other ppl..
My mom is the worst, most selfish, uncaring individual ever. It seems like everything that ever happens revolves around her. I'd like to have at least ONE normal day.. once!! Its friggan impossible. But i just wanna be normal, at home- i mean i cannot belive that ppl dont see it!! I HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO!! Oh geeze, its like talking to a wall. No one understands. Im closer to Justin or Chelsea then i am of my mom.. its crazy man.